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More than anything, I guess I am a philosopher of sorts. The career I chose almost twenty years ago has allowed me to work with people. And I suppose that’s where my passion lies. And of course it’s where the beginnings of my philosophies started. So for the record, yes I studied a bit of Sociology, Industrial Psychology, Industrial Relations and Organisational Development.

Where did it get me? A foot in the door at some big companies, that’s where. And it’s where I learned a huge amount. More about myself than anything. Mostly I think I tend to be unconventional. That has been one of my biggest learnings. My first corporate job provided the springboard for me to break free and test myself as an independent consultant with some fantastic companies, Government departments, NGO’s and Sporting teams. These experiences in turn led me to develop the philosophy that I call the DNA of careers. It’s an acronym for Discovering Natural Alignment. Basically an alignment between Soul, Personality and Behaviour. When these are in sync, that’s where great careers are built. I’ve further developed this to include the hard work that comes before, which I call “your emergence.”

So I guess everything you find here will be about those things. Including some unconventional tips, some humour and some access to other amazing resources.

I feel fortunate, grateful and happy that I’ve been given this chance to share with you. Whether you’ve seen one of my talks, sat in one of my workshops, listened to my radio interviews, or just read a column. I am sure this site will be a good addition to your box of tools as you navigate through your career and life.

Bless you all.