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Leading Thoughts

Ordering Your Chaos!

Have you ever wondered how some people always appear organised and in control when all that you are seeing around you is chaos and confusion? I have certainly thought many times that it has been a gift that some people have that allows them to make sense of disorder. These are the people who always meet deadlines, seldom arrive late for anything and constantly keep their proverbial ducks in a row. You know who I’m talking about. Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admire their ability. So I guess the one big question is, “how do they do it?”


Are you Competing or Excelling?

There are many people who have told me wise things before. Some that I remember and some that goes way over my head, but in one particular case, I remember listening to a man by the name of Robert Cooper. He introduced something to me that at first sounded quite odd but yet the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

Brand You

Are You the Real Deal?

This is not the first or last time I’m going to write about being true to yourself. Why? Because I see so many people struggling with this fundamental life skill and it seems it’s a lot easier to talk about than to actually apply in practice. It fascinates me not only as an outsider, or observer, but because I have no doubt that I have also suffered from this dilemma. Okay, so let’s take a view on this.

Leading Thoughts

Adjust Your Career Sights

I have never really considered myself to be a wine connoisseur, although it never stopped me from trying. In fact wine making can be very similar to your own growth and development. It requires a lot of attention and focus and occasionally you need to do something innovative to ensure you get the right result. So it was with interest the other day that I listened to a young wine maker from the Western Cape explain how he plays classical music to the wine to help the process along. Not just any music though. Beethoven to be exact!

Light Relief

Not for the Squeemish!

Hell's bells, I never thought in a million years that I would struggle to choose a theme for this blog. Yet, here I am deciding between K2, tripleK2, etc etc. Loading, unloading, fixing, deleting, etc. I'm dealing with more rerun action than a vote counter in a Zimbabwean election! The only problem is I'm getting no-where.

Career Advice

Unlock Your Real Life Potential

A few years back I created a philosophy about work and life that helped me understand why people find themselves in jobs that they have no passion for, and why there always seemed to be this urge in people to unlock their potential. I called this philosophy the discovery of natural alignment. A couple of years later I read a book by Stephen Covey called the 8th Habit, in which he described a similar model. He calls it the natural intelligences model in which he describes the link between mind, body, heart and spirit. In both our philosophies there is this underlying belief that unless you can bring the elements into alignment you will seldom reach a level of personal life satisfaction.
Career Advice

Careers Are Marathons Not Sprint Races

I swear I wouldn’t need a calendar to know when the Easter holidays were approaching. Not for the less than subtle increase in colourful eggs you see strewn all over shops or the sudden rise in the number of furry bunny posters smiling, winking and enticing you to increase your chocolate intake above the recommended daily dosage. No sir, not that. What gives it away for me is this sudden pain I get in my left knee. Seriously! You see, I once ran the Two Oceans marathon. Not the baby version. You know the one that is so popular that it inexplicably ends after twenty one kilometres? No, no. I’m talking about the big one.