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Awkward Pauses and Quiet Nights


So the Friday started well with the idea of successfully ridding ourselves of 2 of our 3 human locusts stirring up some “I feel young again” spirit. You see the locusts named Angus and Ceara bring a sort of mayhem to the house that you’d normally find at the wrong end of a myth busters show. So imagining what it was like to only have the little locust with us, named Emma, was, if I may say so myself, pretty damn fantastic.

Emma’s demands are so scaled back on the “how the hell are we going to cope” meter, that I felt pretty relaxed as we approached the early evening. All she asked for was to attend some star-gazing activity organised by her school, which I was kind of looking forward to anyway. As it turns out, cloud cover stopped that plan in it’s track, so it was off to the DVD store and a couple of burgers and we were in business.

Realising after a while how quiet the house was, I glanced over at the wife and gave her my “howya doin?” stare. Almost oblivious to the little locust that was firmly wedged bewteen us watching her DVD, I backed off, in favour of brewing up some Italian coffee. The Friday became Saturday, and when we were able to temporarily dispose of the locust at a friend’s party, the wife and I realised we had 2 hours to kill. And boy did we kill it. Off to a  local watering hole, bathed in sunshine, sipping cold brew, and a plethora of awkward pauses and stumbling sentences. You see, it’s been so long since we had time to ourselves, we’d almost forgotten how to speak with eachother.

Luckily the whole “it’s like riding a bike” theory worked for us, and soon we were off to a flyer. It was like becoming a couple again, and I started to notice the wife, not so much as a vessel to carry locusts anymore, but as a fully grown intelligent female of the species. Suddenly the idea of sipping beers at a local pub with her was not so foreign. We began to live again. And the more we felt it, the more we remembered how good it was to have each other.

Even though I know my locusts are coming back, I’m committed more than ever now to having regular dates with my wife. Even if we have to work past the awkward pauses and quiet moments as we think of something intelligent to say that doesn’t revolve around homework, school sport or teenagers. KEEP LIVING I SAY. Even if the locusts want to take over. Remember it won’t last forever. And besides, I love them to bits anyway!

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