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Using Your Strengths

A few years ago, I addressed a group of people on the question of Emotional Maturity, and when it came down to it, we agreed that it could be defined as ability to be aware and take appropriate actions based on that awareness. It’s something I’ve tried to do ever since, and generally it works for me.
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What does Being Job Fit Mean?

I've often been involved in conversation where people have spoken about " job fit." Some use it to simply refer to it as the match of a person to the job in terms of skills required. Literally, does the person fit the job?

Are You Competing….or Excelling?!

I was once told by a wise man that there is a very big difference between competing and excelling. And more so, competing is not something we should be too focused on. He explained that being competitive could actually be destroying our ability to become creative and innovative, which are the essentials for greatness in our modern world.
Career Advice

SEXY CV Workshop!

Okay, so after much thought I've decided the feedback from the IOL column on how to improve your brand with a good looking CV has been so overwhelming, it certainly…