Leading Thoughts

Powerball Mentality!

In the past few weeks I have heard a lot of  people talking about instant success by playing the POWERBALL lottery. If you're not sure what POWERBALL is, it's like the lottery…

Happiness Should Not be Hard Work

happy There is so much being written about happiness and life transformation that I hardly think it's my place to add new opinions to the debate. But what I do notice is how much people work at trying to be happy.

The Measure of Real Success


I love reading material on authentic happiness, and Robert Holden's book on Success Intelligence is certainly packed with good wholesome happiness material. On his blog he writes about how he was coaching a group of executives recently in Italy, when he poses the question, "What is success?" 


Even Dramas Need Intervals!

dramaq I'm not sure about all of you, but I do know that when I start experiencing my life as a twisted drama full of all the normal thrills, spills, evils and tragedies, I start wishing for an interval so that I can catch a breath or at least fill up on my snacks!
Brand You

Emotional Brand Power!

Last evening and in a somewhat ironic swist of fate, I popped down to my local Woolies, picked up cooked chicken for the kids and whisked the wife away to…
Career Advice

Reducing Your Problems!

I've known for some time that mental coaches and sport psychologists have a way of working with NLP and other techniques, assisting sport stars to reduce their anxiety over challenges.…

The Lazy Weekend Has Benefits

beachwalk Now, I know that you all have either wished for, or experienced a lazy weekend that comes without expectation or demand. No chores! No rushing around getting to somewhere you'd rather not be. Just a good old "do what I want to do, when I want to" kind of days. Call it lazy if you choose, but I call it recharging the battery.