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Okay so not everyone who reads this is in a career slump, but I bet you’ll recognise some of the symptoms of a career slump, even if they are only very temporary. The trick is to notice them quickly and of course to work out why they exist and how to get rid of them.

On the sport field it’s quite easy to notice performance slumps, but in the office it’s not so immediately visible. So I suppose it’s not so surprising then that most of the work done in trying to bust a slump is focused on sport stars. They’re highly paid athletes who are expected to deliver peak performance at all times. And you? Do you not regard yourself as a star performer? If not, then I guess you have a big decision to make. And it goes something like this. Why do I work? Are you a “because I have to” kind of person? Or are you on a quest to find your highest level of potential? I’ll leave that one with you, but what I’m interested in is how star performers get themselves out of a slump, because I truly believe we can learn something from that. Something that we could apply to our own jobs and career. So here are some things I’ve learned from performance coaches who have worked extensively with athletes who have experienced reduced performance levels at some point.

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