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Making The Vibe Last Longer

Making the Vibe Last Longer

After a frantic morning’s work on Saturday at the Old Biscuit Mill I headed off with the wife in the direction of the Fan Walk in Cape Town to catch up with my three locusts who had been trekking the route from a few hours earlier. Apart from a few traffic scares, we made it as far as the CTICC and entered the ranks of swarms of soccer fans on their way towards the stadium.

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Loud and Proud Supporters

I’ve always thought that we should learn more about our passion for sport and how we could possibly harness that for our greater good once the event or game was over. This whole FIFA world cup thing has just reminded me again how important it is. We lost the chance to really thrive off the Rugby World Cup 15 years ago. I trust we won’t let that happen again this time.

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