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Crayfish Season Starts with a Bang!

Well, it’s official folks. It’s crayfish season in SA and the locusts are sitting here mouths watering waiting for the new season’s first catch to be presented by the one who calls herself my sister. Although we all refer to her by her scientific name, “gambero cacciatore”.

Being the most feared crayfish hunter south of the Parrot Crossing, it is no surprise that everytime this water resistant, to 50m, sister of mine comes out of the ocean she has handfuls of crays. Her law abiding nature means she has to throw back about 3 or 4 hundred, as she picks out the 4 best. I don’t think she really goes in to catch anything. I think the crays simply give up when they see her.

So, we have 4 crayfish, a load of mussels and a few unpronounceables that will fill up the seafood platter in tonight’s dinner. I must confess, I am not a fan of the crays. But, I’ll settle for a hake, lightly basted with a decent salad. It’s that summer feeling washing over us. And let’s be clear. We all need a bit of that holiday feeling. So if you’re lucky like me, you’ll have a lot of happy, smiling faces around, cheering you up when you think the year’s been a little tougher than normal. Now where did I put the dressing?

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