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Hold No Grudges, Have No Regrets!

I am sure you’ve experienced shock before. It could be some unexpected news, a tragic event, or a dissapointment that you personally were not ready for. This past week, I was again reminded how fragile and precious life is. The passing of a famous South African rugby player (Rueben Kruger), was a shock to many fans, after his courageous battle with cancer. He was roughly the same age as me, and we met once on the rugby field in a junior provincial match, ironcially his team was captained by the late Hansie Cronje (former South African Cricket Captain). It’s moments like this that remind you how lucky you are to wake up each day and experience life in all its splendour. Even on the days when you think it’s too much to handle, you should be grateful that you have the chance to make things right.

And that brings me to the second shock this week. I heard on Saturday of the tragic death of a former colleague and manager of mine in a cycling accident. She was young and healthy and seemingly happy. She was the mother of young children and almost inexplicably taken from them in a meaningless act.

When I heard the news I was particularly disturbed because this was a person that I never quite found peace with. And I guess now, I never will. We had a rocky working relationship and we hardly agreed on much. It got to the point where I started feeling a grudge and to some extent felt regretful of the experience of working with her. But thankfully I learned to let things go. The only problem is, I never got to say that to her face. So with respect, I hold her and her family in my thoughts, wishing that her children find some meaning, so as to embark on their own lives with happiness and enthusiasm. For everyone who reads this, I would like you to consider that life is too fragile and short for us to hold grudges against others. It is too interesting, mysterious¬†and vast for us to have regrets. Wake up each day and be grateful. Live a life that is worthy of the day. Look back and say, “I am happy.”


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