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How Can I Be of Excellent Service?

So, if you’ve ever had to endure the almost biblical length of time to actually get a Telkom agent to answer a call, you will no doubt be just a little miffed when right at the end, (of time almost), and with your query completely screwed up with no possible solution in sight, when the agent turns around and says, “How can I be of excellent service to you?”

The truth is at that moment, I want to say, “er, yes actually. Could you grab that hand grenade and gently pull the pin out. Now wait a few seconds…….”

I guess you can tell that I am having a little difficulty with the nation’s communications giant. True as the nuts on the squirrel I almost snared this morning (and after weeks of waiting), this guy at TELKOM DIRECT tells me he cannot help me, but if I phone the contact centre from his desk and log my call, and give him the reference number, he will load it onto his computer so that he can help me with the query!!! Wow…..talk about job creation!!

Luckily I have a sense of humour, so that kept me going. But hells bells. If you are Telkom Direct, what does that actually mean? 90% of the questions I asked were replied to with…..”er..pass.” The 10% he did get right was in response to “what’s the time, and where can I get a drink?”

I’d love to know how many people work at Telkom. Oh, yes that’s right, only about a quarter of them!!

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