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Inside the Box!


You have to think out the box, when you're in it!

The problem with planning a move, is that while you’re supposed to think outside the box, you end up living in one. Today, I am packing it all in! Literally, packing most of what I have and storing it into a six by three metre space. That’s it. My life has come to this. Eighteen square metres of space. It’s freaky!

So, for now, I have to think inside and outside the box. And what a great challenge this has been. The most challenging part of trying to squash my life into a tiny box has been deciding what to throw away. And while it was tough, it’s amazing that I’ve already made five trips to the dump offloading boxes and more boxes of stuff. Some which is pure junk, and some that was still very much in working condition, but hardly used in the past five years.

What is it about collecting stuff? We load so much on top of our lives, that I think we get weighed down heavily, thinking that we’ll get to it later. When in truth, we hardly do.

Why wait for a move to clear yourself of all this junk? If you want to clear out, and rid yourself of the box mentality, free up some space. Use these basic rules to take some weight off your mind.

  • If it’s gone out of fashion, come back into fashion, and gone out of fashion again…..it’s time to let it go!
  • If it still has the lable on, after one month. Give it away.
  • If you’re keeping one, as a backup to another one, you’re obsessed, and need to make a choice. Keep one, give the other away.
  • If you’re holding on to it as a memory, take a picture of it, and clear it out.
  • If it’s past the sell by date. It doesn’t want to be with you in the future. Let it go!

Have fun moving on. I know I am…..

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