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IOL Jobs to feature John Mullins Column


Well, it’s official (apparently), I am about to resume my weekly column duty with IOL, writing a career column on the IOL Jobs website. I’m looking forward to this as it brings a kind of discipline to my writing which frankly I was missing for a while. I hope it’s going to continue on the five years that I have already invested in writing over 200 columns with Independent Newspapers in the past.

In looking back it’s amazing to see what I was writing about five years ago. Honestly it’s still relevant today. One particular column that I will definitely be expanding on is how to become a personal brand. I find this topic extremely relevant to people now. Not only because of the recession, but because it makes huge sense to invest in yourself. Whether you choose a traditional career or a less formal working life, remember, “you sell yourself first.”

I will be posting links to the column on this blog and on my twitter updates, and be sure to visit IOL Jobs as well. It’s fast becoming the best online job board in the country.

Sunday Brunch time!

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