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Making the Vibe Last Longer

After a frantic morning’s work on Saturday at the Old Biscuit Mill I headed off with the wife in the direction of the Fan Walk in Cape Town to catch up with my three locusts who had been trekking the route from a few hours earlier. Apart from a few traffic scares, we made it as far as the CTICC and entered the ranks of swarms of soccer fans on their way towards the stadium.

The weather was glorius and the vibe was fantastic. Miraculously we actually found our kids and spent the better part of the next 2 hours absorbing an experience that was completely new to us all. We’ve been to big sporting events before, but this was truly different and mind blowing. Thousands of people from everywhere marched along in such happy mood visibly showing their appreciation for being part of this spectacular event.

I couldn’t help but think of how much good this could do for us. How long will this vibe last I wondered? And I guess it will be up to us to decide that. The last time we hosted anything as big was probably the ’95 RWC. That bonded us as a nation for a while, but poor administration meant we didn’t really benefit as much. This time it’s a thousand times bigger and better and we have the chance to ride on the back of this excellent feeling for years to come.

Let’s make the vibe last longer! Armed with our Vuvuzelas (my new symbol of freedom), I think we should take it upon ourselves individually to live the dream. Do not settle for less in your life. Be as colorful and glorious as I saw people being and doing on Saturday. Not just for a day. For every day. And beyond.

Ayoba One More Time!!

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