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How many of you have ever heard someone say, “I can read your mind?” There’s always somebody who thinks they can tell exactly what’s going on in your head.

But with me, I think it’s impossible. Sometimes I can’t even make head or tail of what I’m thinking! But now, there appears to be some scientific folks who believe they can capture your thoughts in images. If this is indeed true, I pity the poor guy who has to watch my thoughts. But it does beg the question, “so what do we think about?”

Okay, besides the standard, “men only think about one thing” response, I would be fascinated to see how our thoughts are portrayed in an image. Would it be your ideal world. Your ideal job, house, life? Or would it be your worst fears? I’ve often suggested that we need to visualise our future more. Make it more tangible and real for yourself. Why wait for some scientific whizz to invent a machine, when you could portray your own thoughts now, this instant, first in your mind, then on paper.

Try it for yourself. Take a sheet of paper, and capture the way you think about your future. Whether in images or words, just describe what it is you see. Then stand back and ask, “is this my ideal future?”

I’d be interested to know what you say…..



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