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Our Politically Correctness is Wrong


There’s one thing I’m really looking forward to when it comes to the change of leadership in South Africa on the 9th May, and that’s getting a President who has real character. You cannot deny that there’s a good possibility that we just might get our very own George W Bush, although our guy looks more like a brownish version of the great Shrek. I am talking of course about JZ. For too long I think we’ve had politically correct statesmen trying to always say the right things and desperately trying to appear intelligent by using complicated cliches that only the most ambitious speech writers could dream up. Now that we’re about to see the back of our Presidential caretaker Kgalema Motlanthe we can usher in a new era of political incorrectness and down to earth joe average leadership.

Let’s be straight here. Motlanthe was a well mannered gentleman figure in the mould of Thabo Mbeki, and he carried himself admirably, not getting into too much drama. But now with JZ (how many other Presidents can claim to have such a cool handle), we are in for a real treat. I just hope JZ doesn’t reign in Julius Malema too much, because there we have another goldmine of political humour to savour. Eat your heart out George W, your kindergarten vocab and klutzy coordination is going to look like Sunday school lessons when JZ and Malema hit the big time.

And I say, why not? Let them loose and let them do their thing. We shouldn’t take things so seriously? Every country has a clown as a President every now and then. We’ve mentioned GW. Then you have Sarkozy and Berlusconi. Just saying that sounds like a side show at Cirque Du Solei. And these are the “good” countries. We all know what Milosevic, Khomeiny, Hussein and others got up to. So I say, give JZ a chance. Let’s sit back, relax and watch this thing unfold. It’s bound to be hilarious. I can’t wait for the 9th May. It’s going to be a Millionaire’s ball. We’re bound to see Bob Mugabe, Gadaffi and the other bank rollers feasting on Chinese food, and marvelling at the sudden improvement in the health of Shabir. You can’t script this stuff, and we should be thankful we get to see it without PVR. Good luck JZ, you’re now it!! The whole world is watching….

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