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Mary Poppins: My Favourite Management Guru

I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn a bit about life that you take another look at the very classic movie, Mary Poppins. When Burt sings out to Mary Poppins that “I does what I likes and I likes what I do” It really got me thinking. Why do we get caught up in doing the things we don’t like? We tend to convince ourselves that we are not always allowed to have it easy. After all, life’s meant to be tough right?

Mmm….I’m not so sure about all this. Maybe if we really followed our hearts we would find ourselves really liking what we did, whether it was tough or not. That’s the point. Finding what it is you like to do. The closer you get to this, the better your chances are of toughing it out when things get bad.

It’s not easy though to admit to anyone that you may have just spent the better part of your life doing something you didn’t really enjoy. But imagine the freedom that would come with shouting out, “I hate my job!!” In fact, Mr. Banks from the movie gets pretty close to that realisation and suddenly he’s a better father and a more animated and friendly person. The weight is literally lifted from his shoulders.

I think it would be far better for all of us if we faced up to a bit of brute honesty. What do you really like to do? If you can answer that, you could do what you like.

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