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What does Being Job Fit Mean?

I’ve often been involved in conversation where people have spoken about ” job fit.” Some use it to simply refer to it as the match of a person to the job in terms of skills required. Literally, does the person fit the job? Others however, look at it more as a “fitness” definition. In other words, are you fit enough to do the job?

That’s more like the question I tend to ask people, and it’s one that usually gets people going a bit. If you had to ask an athlete if they were fit and ready to run a race, they’d know pretty well how close or far off the mark they were. It takes a bit of honesty and a bit of self-belief to own up to these things. And why should it be different for someone in a job? You should be asking yourself the very same question. Are you fit and ready to do this job?

If you want to know more about how to be job fit, take a look at this article that appeared in my regular column for the IOL website:


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