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What Leads to Success?

In a recent poll on this site I asked what you thought led to success. 54% of you believe it comes from FINDING YOUR PASSION. 31% say it is because of a good plan and 15% believe it is mostly from working hard.

There is no doubt that all three areas have a great influence on success, and in truth it is a blend of all of them that will ensure a positive result or outcome for you. It is interesting though if you look at them together as part of the same formula:

SUCCESS = FP (finding passion) + GP (good plan) + WH (working hard)

The exact amount of ingredients for each is debatable, but according to this poll, it would roughly look something like this, SUCCESS = (54%) PASSION + (31%) PLANNING + (15%) HARDWORK!

So if you are serious about your success, you will learn to pay attention to all these areas and not just one or two of them. Good plans can lack support because passion is low. Hard work alone will get you some way to your goal, but you will lose some momentum because you may lack passion, or even a good plan. While passion too will create excitement but can easily lead to misguided energy if it is not supported by a plan or hard work.

So, thank you for confirming what I always thought was important. I plan to use this information in a more detailed column next week. Hopefully it will spark some success for all of us.


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  1. Hitman

    I agree on the formula, but feel that people sometimes underplay the value of hard work. “The Secret” re-sold the age-old adage of “what you believe and can conceive, you can achieve” to the world. We now see many people with passion and good planning failing to make it because they stop short of really putting in the work.

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