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What Shape Are You In?


I remember laughing my head off once when a friend of explained how his wife constantly moaned at him for not being in shape. His response to her was, “…but round is a shape!”

But just like the years take their toll on us physically, they also tend to have a dramatic affect on us emotionally and mentally. So thinking back, I realise that I’ve been “shaped” not only on my body, but also in my mind, by my experiences. The problem with this whole shape thing is that it’s easy to see when we’re out of shape physically, but not so easy to see how we get shaped mentally or emotionally. All we need for us to check our physcial shape is a mirror! And let’s face it. It’s not always a pretty picture.

Gettting a handle on our emotional shape is not as easy. Well, that’s what I was led to believe. But as I got older and learned to really start thinking for myself, I found out that maybe I was being mislead.┬áThe only reason we tend to ignore looking at our emotional and mental shape is that we haven’t quite learned how. And when we don’t know how to do something, we tend to fear failure.

The more I got to know how to read my “signs” the more I could tell what shape I was in. The real funny thing is that whenever I was out of shape physically it had a similar affect on me mentally and emotionally. The more I paid attention to the one, the other was easier to align. So I guess the challenge is that if you’re thinking of what shape you’re in, look at it from more than just your body. Check your emotions. How are you feeling. Does that fluctuate like your weight? What about your mental shape? Are your thoughts positive or negative?

Whatever you answer. Perhaps like me, you’ll realise that when you get a handle on these things, that’s when you can really make a difference. So even if you’re a little round like me. Worry not! Being well rounded is a good thing!!

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