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When New Year Resolutions Go Bad!

Expecting ResolutionsIs it not amazing how quickly new year’s resolutions can go bad and turn on us? It’s sad really, and I think the authorities need to do something about it quick! Firstly, not everyone should be allowed to make resolutions. These things can be quite dangerous in the wrong hands, and I think if we are not going to ban them outright, we should at least be giving licences for the damn things!!

Back to the ones that turn bad. I have seen too often how unsuspecting people give birth to a new year resolution, nurture it innocently and with love for a few weeks, then…..BAM!! Suddenly out the blue, the darn critters get nasty on you. They start playing with your mind. Without a chance to even defend yourself, you find you are being drawn back into old habits. That cigarette starts looking damn fine again. Or that sweet chocolate has never looked sweeter. If it wasnt for that resolution, you’d feel no anxiety, no pressure. But no sir, not now. Now you have to fight hard. You have to sweat it out. You find yourself talking to yourself in ways you’ve never done before. All in the name of looking after that resolution, that frankly doesnt give a damn about you.

Well. I say fight back. Take it no more. Fight for the abortion of resolutions. It should be everyone’s right. We have enough of them aorund already. Who needs more?? So next time you are out having a good time, and you think about making a resolution. Rather just keep having that good time. No need to put extra strain on your heart. After all, they’ll abuse you, take all the fun out of life, and discard you when you’re older anyway.

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