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Where you from?

Have you ever wandered around wondering? Have you ever connected with the thought of thinking that you were disconnected? Do you know where you come from and know where you are going? Yes, I know. These are completely useless questions. Strangely though, they have plagued us throughout the ages.

Maybe you have felt a haunting sensation that somehow, somewhere, something in your life is incomplete, or mysteriously out of place. Perhaps it started like me, with a feeling that the tooth fairy was not quite the person you thought them to be. I mean, c’mon, how can someone with a job description like that be so loaded with cash so as to simply dish it out every time a child lost a tooth? At one point, I remember clearly trying to convince a friend of mine that the only way to boost his pocket money allowance was to tie a piece of string to his front tooth, and with the other end firmly attached to his front door, slam as hard as he could. You can imagine where this ended.

Another mystery that I could not quite work out was where in Jiminy Cricket my grandparents came from. Throughout my youth I had heard weird and wonderful stories about my ancestors, none of which I really believed. The reason was that the story seemed to change all the time. Now either my mother was a fantastic story teller. Come to think of it, she could down a few good books in a night. Not too dissimilar to my father who could down a few good beers in as much time. On the other hand my mom could also have simply tried to protect me from some secret truth.

Well, on Friday, some of that truth was revealed to me. Not by the book reader or the beer drinker I might add. They have since joined my ancestors in the celestial hereafter. The truth was revealed rather, by an enthusiastic, vertically challenged, scuba diving, crayfish eating, fervent amateur sleuth. Who also happens to be my sister. It turns out that grand daddy was of the Sicilian stock. Not only that! From what we know, this man was seldom able to keep himself clear of the law. He was the guy who proverbially fought the law and the law won. Many, many times over. I may just have instantaneously become related to a family that resembled the Sopranos. Well, maybe not that bad, but I can confirm that it gets quite interesting, in a soap opera kind of way. You know the classic case of husband finds wife with other man. Men argue. Someone gets hurt. People go to jail. Come out of jail. Go back to jail. It’s hard to keep up, as my grand daddy no doubt said at some stage in his life.

Well, my life has different meaning now. There is a colourful past, to say the least that I can’t wait to uncover. I feel like a kid waiting for the next Potter book. Or the teenager who’s about to get a driver’s licence. The world you knew before could be different from this point on. What a feeling? So if you ever get the chance. Look back before you look forward. Know where you are. It might just be exactly where you never thought you were.

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As a columnist and speaker I have been able to connect with so many interesting people who have experienced wonderful adventures in life. I am fascinated with the limitless power of people and try to reflect my own experiences and thoughts through these pages.

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