I wrote a song recently called ‘do for love’ and even managed to record it with a friend of mine – all in honour of an amazing and dedicated crew of people who have made it their life’s work to make a difference for others. In a nutshell, this sums up what I am about. Collaborating with others, doing something creative and trying to make a difference to those that need it. My entire career has been an adventure where I’ve favoured the pursuit of something innovative over the conventional. Every personality evaluation I’ve ever done has revealed a common trait of being agile and flexible and comfortable with change.

As I continue my journey, learning and exploring I find a sense of satisfaction in being able to share. Some of this is in my writing and sometimes in the opportunities to work with others. This blog project is a collection of my writing (some published and some very personal) from the time I started writing in 2004 up to now with a renewed sense of excitement as I come to grips with the world and the incredible change that we are experiencing. I hope you enjoy what you find here, as much as I enjoy sharing.